Cirkle – TENSION (Float Records)


Το νέο EP του Cirkle έχει 4 κομμάτια που δεν πρέπει να λείπουν από κανένα set.

‘After already receiving demo tracks last year, Cirkle proves that hard work and persistence pay of with four incredible new tracks which are a must-play in our sets. No doubt you’re going to appreciate them as much as we do. We present you: Cirkle – Tension. The title track has that sequenced bassline with the perfect balance between simplicity and the right edge. As the title suggests, subtle changes within the sequence and the percussion keeps building the tension. An easy pad predicts the upcoming break and from there it goes on again. If you think all this is a bit soft, we have Symmetrical Sculpture for you. Again a sequenced bassline, but heavy, combined with classical beats. Well placed high hats and subtle changes are building the track towards the break with rides as heavy as your mother. The perfect tool is made when listening to Immersion. The well tweaked percussion is the main theme of the song and it is blendable with almost everything. The Tower closes the EP. Uplifting elements throughout to peak your peak-moment even more’

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