Interview: IDRISS D

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Upon the release of his first ever album “Amalgamation”, Idriss D found some time to talk to us about his career and the future.

How your great career began?

I was always playing at some friends’ party, or some high school bash when I was in Algeria, but it really started when I went to live in Paris. I received some turntables as a present and started spinning right away. Then, when I moved to Italy, I opened a record store and selling vinyl gave me a lot of new ideas.

What was that made you start DJing and producing in the first place?

My love for soul and the more underground r&b were a great inspiration and when I first heard house music, I got hooked on those sounds. It all made sense. I love to make people dance, that’s the key to my commitment.

How would you define your style?

Eclectic and melodic. Be it techno or house, I feel that a good hook and a catchy melody always take things to the next level. That’s what makes the crowd go crazy.

You have founded Memento along with your friend Fabrizio Maurizi. Was that friendship made through djing?

Yes. We were hanging out in the same clubs and we knew a lot of people on the Italian scene.

What are your feelings when going behind the decks to start your set?

I want to take the people on a journey. That’s why I take a lot of time in preparing my sets and choosing the music. The tracks are all connected to each other, they tell a story.

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“Amalgamation” consists of 8 tracks, “Transition”, “Casa Baratas”, “Karma”, “RIP Ouarda”, “Amalgamation”, “Parall-el”, “Strong Hayet” and “Barn”.


You have already played in some of the best clubs in the world. What’s next?

Right now I have the Memento XS weekly residency every Monday at Macarena club in Barcelona, the city where I’ve been living for the past 3 years. Then I have Memento showcases all over Europe. And a lot of exciting new music to be released on the label.

Tell us about your first album. What inspired you to produce these tracks and choose the title “Amalgamation”?

After more than 10 years in the game and some EPs, I wanted to release a proper album on Memento. At first this was conceived as a succession of singles for my “Dib 00” series (the first two being Constantine and Alger), but then the project became more of a cohesive collection of dance floor tracks influenced by what I like to play in my dj sets. The title “Amalgamation” comes from the desire of bringing together my life experiences over the last few years, both music-wise and from a marketing and management angle, this time exclusively focusing on myself and gathering all the inputs in one single piece of work.

What message would you like to send to your fans in Greece?

Stay strong and always believe in a positive change. And if change comes through Music, that’s the best.

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